We are a US Based, vertically integrated cannabis company with a global mission: deliver the highest standards of cannabis care from nursery to lab to shelf. We maintain the highest standards in science, compliance, empathy, and the genetics of both plant and human. In providers, patients, education, and ever-shifting laws.


A culture designed to thrive

We accept nothing less than the very best from ourselves at any given time. This culture is what ensures that we consistently deliver the highest quality cannabis products. We manage to excel at our jobs while placing equal emphasis on our own happiness and well-being. That balance is what makes us thrive.

A deep-rooted passion for excellence

Making our medicine doesn’t start and end with the plant.  So much science, research, and understanding goes into the process before the first seed is put into the ground.  We love our jobs and we love what we see in the future of cannabis.

Regulatory Expertise & Bar-Raising Compliance:

Extensive regulatory expertise enables Cansortium to navigate evolving medical cannabis regulatory frameworks strategically positioned for rapid growth in highly-regulated jurisdictions.

First-Mover Advantage:

Strategic first-mover in large, regulated markets with high barriers to entry, including Florida, Texas, Pennsylvania and Puerto Rico.

Capital-Efficient, Scalable & Predictable Platform:

As a vertically-integrated, and technologically-advanced business platform, Cansortium’s proprietary production methodologies are both scalable and replicable.

International Partnerships:

In addition to its US-based operations, Cansortium is in the process of expanding into Canada, Colombia, Argentina, Australia, and Europe.